Grab Bag- 3 Tops for ONLY $40!

Grab Bag- 3 Tops for ONLY $40!

  • $40.00
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 These are LIMITED and only  happen twice a year! 


 What is a Grab Bag? 

✅ You will receive 3 tops that are in stock items. Total retail value is $84 and up. 



✅ These are already pre packaged so we can’t make any promises that you won’t receive something you’ve already purchased. 

✅ These make PERFECT gifts. Seriously, 3 tops for only 40 BUCKS & FREE SHIPPING! 

✅ ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We will not be able to take returns or exchanges. If you receive an item you already have, you don’t like, or doesn’t fit, you can regift to a friend or post on the PB Buy/Sell/Trade Page. 

✅ Who doesn’t love being surprised with cute clothes?! Each bag is different and a variety of summer/fall/winter. 


We’re so stinkin’ excited and hope you ladies are too!!!!